Airport TOURS

Barkley Regional Airport (PAH)


We happily offer tours of the airport to classes and other groups up to about 30 people for safety and security reasons.  And we can somewhat customize the tour for your needs and time constraints.

For younger kids, 1st -3rd graders   We can give general information about the airport, with videos and photos of the wide variety of aircraft that have flown into and out of Barkley Airport from planes, to Blimps, to WWII aircraft and even Military aircraft.

We may also take them to our FBO (with prior arrangement) to let them see but not touch different aircraft that are based here.

And finally, weather permitting, we can let them experience one of our unique airport fire trucks, that are larger and much different than traditional fire trucks.

For anyone 4th grade and up, we can do all of the above, and even get a little more technical about the airport, ( Why are the runway numbers 5 and 23?) We can also talk a little more about how the airport and aviation in general.   And in addition to experiencing the fire truck, students can learn in greater detail the how firefighting at an airport is different in addition to learning about other jobs the fire fighters do. And see more of the equipment we have on the airport.

Also, depending on the United Express flight schedule, your schedule, and weather, students can see the arrival, turnaround, and departure of the United Express flight to and from Chicago up close and see things that they might not get to see when they travel.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SCHEDULING A TOUR CONTACT Haylie Hobbs, 270-744-0521 or email the airport